Hello again

Hello starcatchers! It is I, Starry_Skies! What has it been, a week? WELL I’M ALIIIIVVVVVEEEE! XD anyhow, hope u all are doing great and post below what you did on YOUR weekend!


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Gosh, I did pretty awesome on this one XD

Art Dump (sorta XD)

pinkie pie from clashyay! 2sad catinterlock islunaDerpy!lack of sleepFreddy

so much art XD

New Blog to check out!

Check out my new blog! http://thecreativemindofanartist.wordpress.com/

Soon to be lps vids!

Using the wordpress app, i will hopefully be able to upload short, lps vids! My kindle camera isnt the best though, so the quality is very blurry.


So keep a watch out!

~ StarrySkiesDaily



Sorry for my inactivity guys, I nearly forgot about this blog! Dont worry though, i’m back, and i’m with new, soon to come¬†posts!


Power of Fear

fear is what drives wars, anger, fustration, and sometimes death. Fear is powerfull, but can be defeated by love.


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