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collage_20150420213302567this is my angeldragon angel stone

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sky1 Characters are NOT mine! Art is by me!

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I DO NOT own this species btw, i’m just entering an adopt contest :3 Hope u enjoy!

Shadow Rising Chapter one: The contract

CHAPTER ONE: The Contract
Twilight rummages through her books. Flustered, she says to herself, “Where is that document?”
Meanwhile, Spike is in the kitchen, now a sparkling kitchen since Twilight became the princess of friendship. He slides a cookie sheet in the oven, setting it to 30 minutes. “I’m sure the girls are going to love these rainbow celebration cookies for Twilight Time!” Spike thought. Since Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Bell started Twilight time, Spike was incharge of the ordurves and breverages.
“Spike, have you seen an old packet of paper? Maybe a contract sort of packet around?” Twilight asks, peeking through the kitchen door. Spike shakes his head. Then freezes.
Spike asks slowly, “You mean the contract of the royal duty?”
“Yes! That’s it!”
“I- um…” Spike starts, “I through it away…..” Twilight starts to get paranoid.
“You… WHAT?!I was going to use that for TWILIGHT TIME!!!” Twilight screams, her left to bottom eyelid twitching ever so slightly. Her horn starts to glow.
Bracing himself, Spike puts a helmet on and a few plush pillows on. “I….” Then BOOM! Spike was scorched and Twilight was literally on fire. Spike finds a pail of water and poors it on Twilight. The sizzling sound and thick steam meant Twilight was burnt out. Just then, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” Spike says, rushing twards the door.
To Spikes relief, it wasn’t the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It was in fact Ditzy Do, the mail mare pony. “I have a message for Twi- eh hem, I mean her Highness.”
Spike looks at the wall eyed pony as if she made a huge mistake. “But… that’s my job! Well, it depends. Who is it from?”
“It’s Anomyous sir. The pony is unknown, well to me it is heh heh,”Ditzy Do holds out a small package.
Spike takes it from the male mares gray hooves and calls, “Twilight! Theres a package here for you!” Twilight peeks through the kitchen, trying to hide her scorhed mane. “It’s probably a book or something…” Spike says, dropping two bits in Ditzy’s hooves. Smiling, Ditzy flies off into the clouds. Spike sniffs the box drammatically and smiles, “Oh! It definantly smells like a new book!” Spike said sarcastically, making Twilight snatch the package from his claws using a telachanesis spell.
Twilight smiled at Spike, “Or… it could be delicous rubies… or NOT!”Spike sticks his tounge out at Twilight and Twilight does the same to Spike. “Well, anyways, we should open this up and use it for Twilight Time since SOMEPONY through my special document away!”
“Well, not really,”Spike starts, “I really just through it in an empty bin this morning. You know, the one next to the sink in the kitchen?”
Before Spike could say another word, Twilight zoomed into the kitchen. “Where is it?” Twilight says, scanning the kitchen, then finding a purple bin with an old packet inside. “BINGO!” Twilights dusts of the packet, revealing faded text and matted paper. Twilight let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, three little fillies stampeeded into the living room.
“Twilight?” says Apple Bloom.
Sweetie Belle knocks on the kitchen door. “Something smells burnt in there, is everypony alright?”
Twilight freezes. “Ack! The cookies!” Twilight rushes to the smoking oven and pulls out a tray of perfectly baked cookies. “Oh… the cookies are… fine?” Shaking her head in disbelief, Twilight walks out the kitchen with a package, cookies, and her document. “Hello girls, how are you doing today?”
“Woah! This is such a cool castle!” Scootaloo says, her jaw dropped in aw.
Apple Bloom snickers and says, “‘cool’ is not even the begin’!”
“It’s amazing!” Sweetie Belle smiles.
Twilight smiles, “Oh girls! Thankyou for your great opinions! Today we will be looking at two special items!” Twilight holds up the package and packet.
The fillies gasp, “Woah!!!”
“Come on! Open the package already!” Scootaloo pleads.
Twilight grins, “No Scootaloo, not right now. First, we are going to study this already filled out contract that dates back to more than a thousand years ago!” She flips to a page in the old contract, and putes it under a camera connected to a screen so the fillies could see the page. “As you can see, this is a packet for an agreement to Royal Duties. I also had to fill out one of these when I recieved this castle and my role but it was shorter than this one.”
The fillies eyes go wide. “Who’s… Sparkle Keep?” Sweetie Belle asks.
“That’s a great que- who now?” Twilight says, confused.
“Sparkle Keep! It’s in the name slot on the top half of the page!” Apple Bloom points at a name written in cursive. “Here! Let me read it!”

Name: Sparkle Keep
Pony Race: Alicorn
Role: None
Do you agree to stay loyal to your role?: I am not sure. I have no role
Special talent: Not telling
Perants: Celestia-‘
“What? That doesn’t make sense!” Apple Bloom says, shocked.
Twilight looks at the packet, “You’re right, it doesn’t make sense. There is no other alicorn! Celestia also doesn’t have a child!”

RainFall, Misty’s foal


PHEW! FINALLY! I got her done! YAY! she is a little fuzzy though, and I’ve tried to fix it… but NOTHING really happens! ;-;



Did I draw this?! WHUT!!!!!???


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